[Artemisia] Defenders

ravenmacleod at comcast.net ravenmacleod at comcast.net
Tue Mar 11 11:19:08 CDT 2008

Just a little announcement about the planned activities for the upcoming Loch Salann Defenders event. 

This event is our yearly celebration of triumph over that dastardly deamon decapod the evil brine shrimp. With the assistance of the talented members of this barony and the visitors from the neighboring groups the day should be filled with dancing, music and revelry. Here are some of the fun things we have planned...
There will be a joust of peace where we will watch two brave and noble gentles knock the crests from one another’s helms. 
I would like to try to have some small performances of various arts throughout the day, bardic, dancing and so on. 

Thre are tons of childrens activities planne through the day as well. 
The tourneys will consist of the traditional snowball tourney followed by a double elimination tourney, where combatants will be spurred on to valor through the inspiration of the one who is most likely to draw for the Evil Brine Shrimp forth from his lair. The winner of the day through honor will be able to name his their inspiration lady (or lord) Shrimp Bate. 
After the tourneys there will be an appearance of something too horrible to be named...
There will be a side board table throughout the day for all to enjoy. 
I would suggest that you bring your own feast gear and your own beverages (dry) as I'm not sure what we can have available besides water. 
Raven MacLeod 

En fides abunde virtus, en virtus abunde fides. 

If people knew how hard I worked to gain my mastery, it wouldn't seem so wonderful after all. --Michelangelo 

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