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ravenmacleod at comcast.net ravenmacleod at comcast.net
Wed Mar 12 17:12:07 CDT 2008

For those who may be wondering what we have planned for the tournaments this weekend… wonder no longer.

To begin the tournament we ask that each fighter brings their Inspiration be it lord or lady before their Excellencies so that all may know who inspires them to valor this day. Please notify the herald after opening court when you are ready for this presentation so you may be properly announced. The herald will be recognizable by the red tabard displaying the baronial arms and the staff of office which they will carry. 

The heavy fighting will begin with a Grand Melee in the fashion of a Snowball Tourney. Each fighter will choose another fighter to challenge, the two will continue on together to the next round with the winner of that bout being the leader. Then these two will approach another set of two fighters and the winner of that bout will become the leader of the group of four and so on until there are two separate larger groups. The fight commences and the leader of the group that wins receives the points for that part of the day’s tournament.

The second part of the tournament will be a single elimination tournament fought in a standard style. The winner and the runners up in this tourney will receive points for this part of the tournament. The person with the most points wins the honor of naming their inspiration She (or he) who is most likely to draw forth the horrible creature from the depths from whence this barony draws its name, The Lady (or Lord) Shrimp Bait. This tourney may be expanded to a double elimination tourney if time allows.

I would like to run the Rapier tourneys in the same format as listed above but I have not yet consulted with the Rapier defender about his at this time. 

Please let me know if you have any questions. RavenMacleod (at) Comcast (dot) net 8012321616

Raven MacLeod 

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