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 Post per the Steward's request-
As usual, at Mystery Event in Arrow’s Flight on March 29, we are having many fighting scenarios with heavy combat, rapier combat and youth combat. So bring your kids, your gear, and your energy—we will need them all! There will be A&S classes, youth classes, a Bag Raffle, the Soda Straw Tournament and, of course, the Bad Garb Contest. Pull out your worst garb, your first attempts of polyester and taffeta, of rayon and spandex, and maybe it will be “good” enough to claim the prize and title of Bad Garb! Our mystery is still eluding us, so we need your help to figure it out. A delicious feast will be served, prepared by Lord Javier and crew. (Feast does not need to be prepaid, but please RSVP to address at the bottom)

For the heavy fighting:
There will be fun and games for the heavy fighters. The highlight being a Bear pit Tournament. It is also time to challenge the Shire Champion, His Lordship Vidar Bowbreaker. Whoever can best him will gain the title of Champion of Arrows' Flight. (But in order to claim that title, the winner must be a member of Arrows' Flight.) 

m’Lord Rodrigo De Castilla Leon 

For the rapier fighting:
In honor of it being "Mystery" event, the infamous "guess who you're fighting" scenario will be back. (If you were there last year you know what it is, if you weren't, you're in for a fun surprise.) So sharpen your fighting skills and your verbal repartee and come play with us. It will be sure to be entertaining.

Dona KyneWynn the Kind

And for the Youth Combat:
We are having a Youth Combat Tournament during Mystery Event. It will be set up to allow every fighter to compete with everyone present, making it possible for everyone to fight many times and really enjoy themselves. Remember to have them bring all their gear, for if they are not equipped properly, they will not be allowed to fight. 

Lord Padruig McTavish

Autocrat: Lady Allegretza
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'i Hurddas Morgan Blaidd Du 

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