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Wed Mar 19 22:42:15 CDT 2008

  1. classes for Uprising (Kristine Mann)Date: Wed, 19 Mar 2008 10:57:06 -0700
   I would like to get a track of belly dance classes
going. 1. stretches and exercises 2. hips 3. arms and
posing. 4. zills, canes, and veils 5. combinations 6.
dancing around a fire 7. proper garb
  Lady Mairsile Kendrick
A&S Officer for the Barony of 1000 Eyes
  I am at your service. :)  I can do any of the above, beginner through advanced, and a good bit more. 
  Turkish- Ottoman style, Changi, Romani influenced, and modern 
  Egyptian- Baladi/Saiidi, Raks al Assaya, Raks Sharki, Modern Ghawazee
  American Nightclub- classic and modern 
  Zills, Turkish spoons, veil (out of period), sword (out of period)
  I've also had a smattering of Persian, Greek, Dabke, Tunisian, El Mundo etc.
  I do *not* do any American Tribal, Khaliji, Rajastani, Gulf dance, Gothic, modern fusion forms, Shamadan, or Isis wings.
  How to select authentic style recorded music and what to avoid
  What is period, what is not, and what we're not sure of.
  Period Ottoman Garb classes of course!
  I've been belly dancing for 13 years, have danced as a soloist and troupe member, am currently teaching group and private classes and workshops.  I hold certifications in Yoga Stretch, YMCA Personal Trainer, Pilates, Cardio and Weights for Seniors, Group Fitness, and Healthy Lifestyle Principals. I'll be getting my ACE Personal Trainer Certification in May.  I carry licensing for ASCAP, BMI, and SESAC.  CPR and First Aid are up to date too.  Just let me know what you want.  Esther 

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