[Artemisia] Open Mouth, Change Foot (Was: A Challenge idea from Atlantia)

Catie Clark cat at rocks4brains.com
Thu May 1 12:23:28 CDT 2008

 > Mistress Gefjon and I both thought so....maybe,
 > a special challenge for Uprising in 2009? My
 > brain was chuckling to itself, Therasia-like,
 > this a.m., coming up with ideas! --Maire

No wonder my ears were burning...I heard your brain
chuckling to itself just like me without even bothering to
check first before infringing on my copyright...

Your brain will be hearing from my intellectual property
lawyer about that. 

And having said that, all that is left to say is: (insert evil
chuckle here) I will win!  I will trash you all!  You are all
grist to the mill of my entries in this challange! You pondscum!
You rotten red fat vegetable death! You paramecium PooP!

Just keep Constance from entering...

Now, just for the record, I will point out that internet charges
here are so sucky if you're from out of town that I basically
just pop up and upload/download emails once a day...surfing
the net is straight out until I get home from Perth in a few days.

So for those of us with really lousy internet access right now,
just what does this challenge entail?


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