[Artemisia] OT and OOP--BIG trailer for sale

Elaine carynvnk at comcast.net
Sun May 4 21:44:19 CDT 2008

Greetings everyone:
This message is posted on behalf of Sir William Gallowglass.
Best regards to all

It’s coming on towards Uprising time. How’s your haulage?
Uncle Bill is selling his big trailer. Yes, the “Aircraft Carrier”. It’s a
dual axle, heavy duty trailer.

The trailer is 22’ from hitch to tail lights. The box is 16’ long and 6’
high (inside). It’s 109" from hub to hub (The maximum allowable width).
Nearly new tires and wheels.

The trailer is painted green and buckskin brown. It’s fully wired and lit;
brake lights, running lights, and backup lights. It has electric brakes on
the rear axle.

There is an issue with the wiring. If you want to fix the problem it will
drop the price a bit.
The price is $4500 if I fix the wiring, $4000 if you fix the wiring.
Please call if you’re interested.

Sir William Gallowglass
Bill Fanning
(801) 964-1739

mstblstr AT comcast.net

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