[Artemisia] Artemisian Arts & Sciences Report

Jeanne P / Casamira jeannecas at gmail.com
Tue May 6 23:36:24 CDT 2008

Greetings dear Artemisians,

On Saturday, May 3rd, Mst. Carol of Stargate because the newest Arts &
Sciences champion.  She finally gets to wear the collar of A's that she
designed many years ago.  In the process she did achieve masterpiece levels
on all 6 of her entries.
She was named the populace choice for her wonderful pearl mermaid pendant as
well as Queen's Choice.
Mst. Annys of Pengwyrn was awarded the Prince's Choice for her Marble box
made of sugar paste.
My memory fails me on the King's Choice - so pipe up and remind us.

There were 11 artisans who entered 44 items in the competition with 4 going
for champion.  In addition to Mst. Carol, was Ivegard Sask, Hildegard Filia
Vulframn, and LORD Bjorn Hrafnsen Ohnstad.

Gwendolyn of the Shell, was recognized as a newcomer who entered the
competition.  She is from Otherhill and the March coronation of Gareth &
Sorcia was her first event!

Hildegarde was awarded a Gryphon's Eye for her research.

Several artisans put items on display.

My thanks to all who entered, all who judged and all who fed us a wonderful
lunch and a totally scrumptious Tudor dinner.

For those of you interested in arts & sciences competitions, our Champion,
Mst. Carol of Stargate will offer classes at Uprising on how to WIN an A&S
competition.  There will be classes on documentation, presentation and
perhaps the WOW factor.
Jeanne Panlener / Baroness Casamira Jawjalny, O.L., O.P.
Artemisian Minister of Arts & Sciences
BARD of Artemisia
The Pun is mightier than the Sword!

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