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King's Choice was HL Summaya for the Bayeaux Tapestry artwork.

On Tue, May 6, 2008 at 10:36 PM, Jeanne P / Casamira <jeannecas at gmail.com>

> Greetings dear Artemisians,
> On Saturday, May 3rd, Mst. Carol of Stargate because the newest Arts &
> Sciences champion.  She finally gets to wear the collar of A's that she
> designed many years ago.  In the process she did achieve masterpiece
> levels
> on all 6 of her entries.
> She was named the populace choice for her wonderful pearl mermaid pendant
> as
> well as Queen's Choice.
> Mst. Annys of Pengwyrn was awarded the Prince's Choice for her Marble box
> made of sugar paste.
> My memory fails me on the King's Choice - so pipe up and remind us.
> There were 11 artisans who entered 44 items in the competition with 4
> going
> for champion.  In addition to Mst. Carol, was Ivegard Sask, Hildegard
> Filia
> Vulframn, and LORD Bjorn Hrafnsen Ohnstad.
> Gwendolyn of the Shell, was recognized as a newcomer who entered the
> competition.  She is from Otherhill and the March coronation of Gareth &
> Sorcia was her first event!
> Hildegarde was awarded a Gryphon's Eye for her research.
> Several artisans put items on display.
> My thanks to all who entered, all who judged and all who fed us a
> wonderful
> lunch and a totally scrumptious Tudor dinner.
> For those of you interested in arts & sciences competitions, our Champion,
> Mst. Carol of Stargate will offer classes at Uprising on how to WIN an A&S
> competition.  There will be classes on documentation, presentation and
> perhaps the WOW factor.
> YIS,
> Casamira
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