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Brian Johnson brynjolfr.ulfhedthinn at yahoo.com
Mon May 12 12:46:45 CDT 2008

I am a Johnny-come-lately to the topic and the list all together.  I think that the introduction started off on the wrong foot as it seemed more like an attack to begin with.    I don't doubt that the entire affair (the statement at the alcohol judging) was probably a mistake in communication that was then taken out of context.  Remember the game "Post Office?"  You tell me something and, after it goes through 30 or 40 people, the story is completely different.

Even if the comment had been made, jokingly or otherwise, its not like this is a HUGE faux pas.  I'm sure we have all made worse mistakes so why not just let the topic die?  We all know that distilling, though interesting, is against the law.  If someone says that they have distilled their own alcohol then their project, though interesting, must be disqualified from competition and immediately disposed of.  If this involves mason jars and toasts to the bootlegger's health, well, "Yee Haw!"  <that would be the humor of the Kentucky Lord coming through>

Being that I am in the process of doing research into several topics that I intend to then build and put into A&S exhibits and competitions, I am VERY interested in what people's takes are on research, how to properly document changes of a mundane nature, and the like.  One of my projects is a Oseberg ship burial state bed.  I am using poplar, strong yet light, but don't know if that was a wood that was available in the Scandinavian area.  Some of my smaller projects will be taking a big block of wood and using modern renditions of period tools, I will make my own trenchers and such.  I am very interested to find out what kind of documentation processes are looked upon most favorably.  I tend to, as most who know me can testify to, run off at the mouth about topics that interest me and I do the same thing when doing research papers.  I still examples of university teachers docking me points for TOO much information.  So, please, TELL ME WHAT IS IMPORTANT TO INCLUDE... and
 what can be left out.


rcfaevans at comcast.net wrote: Actually, of all those who have discussed this recently, I have met few, spoken to less, and never discussed the subject of Judging with any.   All things considered, this has made for a less-than-desirable form of introduction...


I hope all who know me 
> know that they should always take what I say in the best light and good spirit 
> as I am in person. 
> Brynki 
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