[Artemisia] Some Uprising Details

earlalan at srv.net earlalan at srv.net
Mon May 26 01:39:01 CDT 2008

Greetings Artemisia,

I had a few details for Uprising that I wanted to share with
you.  First and foremost, Saturday will be a day of melee
fighting.  There will be NO armored combat tournaments held
on Saturday, so we can enjoy each other's company on the
melee field.  Marcello has some fun scenario's in mind for
you, and I expect that everyone will have all the fighting
they want.  There will be many Armored tourneys and Duelist
tourneys on Thursday and Friday.  The Chivalry Workshop will
be on Friday afternoon.  All fighters, and non-fighters are
invited to attend.  For fighters, this should be an
outstanding event!

We have now completed two of the three urbanite walls for
the fighting field.  They are approximately 10 feet long, 5
feet wide at the base, about 3-4 feet wide at the top, and
about 7 feet high.  The gap between the wall sections that
we'll be fighting through is about 7-8 feet.  These should
be some very fun props to fight around and through.  They
are positioned just above the bridge, and will be part of
some "linked" scenario's.  To see the walls, go to
artemisiamilitaris.org, and look at the forum for the new
Uprising site.

We also completed the base for a bread oven this weekend. 
This oven will be up and in operation for Uprising.  I'm
sure there will be some classes and discussion about the
details of the oven construction and cooking methods.  The
oven base is near the archery range and is sited near some
nice shade, so the cooks can visit comfortably while waiting
for their wares to finish cooking.

We are hoping that the Bloomery will be in operation again
this year.  Making iron is a interesting, period task, and
the folks who got involved with it last year had a great

Master Robert the Lost has some inventive and fun archery
scenario's lined up, and the range has some shade available.
 Plus you'll be downwind of the cook ovens, and the
fragrence of fresh breads and other delights should make the
archers taste buds smile in anticipation.

I have arranged for the grass to be mowed just prior to
Uprising, so the grass will be very comfortable to camp and
move around in this year.

There are plans for some food merchants this year.  In
particular, Grandpa's Southern Barbeque has agreed to come. 
They are planning breakfast, lunch and supper, so that will
take some pressure off the camp cooks, and add some
excellent variety for your culinary delights (oh, now there
was a long word...)

We are excited about what work has been done so far, and
projects to improve the site in the future.  If you have any
questions, or suggestions, please contact me.

Looking forward to seeing all of you in a short while!


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