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Lady Syeira ladysyeira at yahoo.com
Tue May 27 16:54:26 CDT 2008

  Please excuse the use of the bandwidth and length of this message.
  This is about a friend/member of my shire in Northshield. His SCA name is Commodore MacDean. He is stuck in a hospital in Salt Lake due to an accident. We were hoping someone down that way would be able to give him a bit of support. His wife is unable to get down there right now.
  I am forwarding both emails, the second has updated information.
  Thank you and I hope someone can help out.
  Lady Syeira
  Barony of Arn Hold, Artemisia 

Paul Reed <cabtiz at rap.midco.net> wrote:
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From: "Paul Reed" <cabtiz at rap.midco.net>
Date: Mon, 26 May 2008 13:35:13 -0600
Subject: [schattentor] Information on Skip

            Skip’s Mom passed away over the weekend and Skip was driving down to the Salt Lake area on his motorcycle. Shortly before Arriving He was rear ended. 
  We don’t have a lot of details at the moment. He is Okay but has various injuries. What we know is a broken ankle, Seven broken ribs and possibly a broken collarbone. There is some short term memory loss though what the extent is we aren’t sure.  We are guessing that he will be there for several weeks. We are fairly certain his bike is totaled. The other driver was cited. Information is very sketchy until he gets moved out of Surgical ICU to a regular room however we don’t know when that will be. 
  We do know he is at the University of Utah Hospital Salt Lake. Basically he is there by himself. Geri and I have been somewhat a point of contact since we live about a mile from Skip and Chris and we can get messages relayed fairly easily. Chris will be at our house most of the rest of the day. 
  The number to the hospital is 1-866-275-0243 ask for Surgical ICU then ask for Lester Dean or Trauma Scorpio if they don’t have his name in the computer yet. This will change once he is in a regular room.
  If you need/want to get a hold of Chris you can call Geri at 430-0979. I have to go to work shortly so I won’t be a good contact.



  Okay new number 1-800-824-2073 still ask for surgical ICU ask for Lester Dean or Trauma Scorpio in case he isn’t fully updated in the computer. Skip goes in for Surgery tomorrow to screw his ankle and his tibia back together.  And his collarbone is confirmed broken. 
  Please don’t call the hospital until Wednesday
  Chris will be available for calls at 430-0979 after 5:30 tomorrow night.


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