[Artemisia] Greetings From SunDragon - Will Be At Uprising

Mike Bradley connor.mac.michil at gmail.com
Thu May 29 13:07:07 CDT 2008

Your Excellencies,

While I may not be able to answer all your questions, I can answer some.

On Thu, May 29, 2008 at 11:25 AM, Katheline van Weye <kat_weye at yahoo.com> wrote:
> Greetings to our many friends in Artemisia,
> We are looking forward to leaving these hot lands of SunDragon in a couple of
> weeks to join everyone at Uprising.  We have pre-registered for the event and
> have requested camp space with Loch Salann.  As this will be our first time at
> Uprising we have questions.
> We have a shower set-up that we use at Estrella War, which includes a way for
> capturing grey water.  Are we allowed to have our own shower set-ups at
> Uprising?  Do we need to capture the grey water?

Unless the rules have changed at the new site, bringing your own
shower setup should be no problem. But, I don't know about capturing
the gray water.

> Is there potable water on-site or should we haul in our own?

There is water on site and you can bring your own in case you don't
feel like treking to the water tanks to haul some.

> What is the typical daytime temperature for Uprising?

Average daytime highs for June 18 - 22 in Firth, ID are high 70s - low
80s. Record highs are in the high 90s.

Nighttime temperature?

Average lows are mid-40s. Record lows are right around freezing.

> Is it usually windy, rainy, dry, or...?

Yes. To all of the above. It can be warm and sunny, cloudy and rainy,
have microburst wind gusts and snow ... and that's just one afternoon.

We want to make sure that we are
> prepared.

As the person who gets blamed for weather at Uprising when things go
bad (but never praised when it's nice), all that you can do is try.
Invariably the weather will do something that you aren't prepared for.

> Are firepits allowed?  Aboveground fires?

Other than the community firepit listed on the map, there aren't any
fire restrictions listed in the site rules. So, at a guess, I would
think that above ground firepits are probably OK, as well as tiki
torches and the like. Digging a firepit, probably a no-no. Though,
this is one of those categories that confirmation from the Autocrat
would be best.

> In Service,
> Katheline and Ryan


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