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AS an owner of several border collies over the years I can tell you they have to be busy all the time or they can become distructive. If you don't have some kind of livestock for them to work with you have to come up with alternatives. Obstical courses are great for borders. play with them a lot and run them thru all there tricks regularly and teach them more. Border collies are one of the smartest dogs and are always wanting to learn. You will have a puppy for at least 5 years before it starts to slow down and start acting like a dog, and the more you work with them and teach them the more controlable they stay. WE have found that having a second dog for them to play with is a huge help in keeping them busy. although at times they can be double trouble , it is worth it to me that they have a companion when I can;t be there. Another suggestion i will offer is to have your shild join 4H and show the dog. there is many things to show them in and it helps to teach the dog and the person alot about the handling and training of the dogs. 
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If its not a Border Collie its just a dog!!

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Ester Hi a couple of sheep would be period, give the dog something to do, as well as keep you busy too.

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