[Artemisia] Requests & Reminders from Your Kingdom Chronicler

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Tue Dec 8 10:18:00 CST 2009

Good Day!!!

Please forgive the bandwidth but this seems the only way I can get in touch
with everyone at once.

I understand with the arrival of the Thanksgiving and Christmas holidays,
mundane life & activities are becoming our primary focus.  Please remember
that the deadline for you to get your missives, reports, announcements,
poems, poetry etc. in to me so I can guarantee to get them printed is the
5th of every month.  That date has passed and I have not received much of
anything from anyone as of yet.  Please compile your submissions and get
them to me in the next 48hrs otherwise the Sage Advice is going to be
very....ummm...thin for January.  I would like to start 2010 off with a
bang!!  Please do not send your submissions to my personal email address as
they will most definitely get lost.  Instead, send them to the Kingdom
Chronicler email addy,  *koasageadvice at gmail.com*.

ALSO a gentle reminder...please, please, please...if you have someone
interested in the office of Chronicler for your area....PLEASE keep me in
the loop.  I have to see their letter of intent and approve them BEFORE they
step into the office.  It is a requirement for me to keep records, as well
as oversee the newsletters AND communicate with my Chroniclers.  I am unable
to do this if I don't know the office has changed hands.  This is an area
that has caused great frustration & difficulty for me.

Lastly...since not all of the Chroniclers have signed up for the Artemisian
Chroniclers Yahoo Group, I am asking here that ALL Chroniclers please
contact me off list.

For those of you that did not need to read this...please accept my apology
for wasting your time.  For those of you that did...thank you for taking the
time to read and respond.

Yours In Service,

Señora Teresa de Cadiz

Kingdom of Artemisia Chronicler

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