[Artemisia] Solstice Court Reminders

Zafirah Tahreer Bint Al Riyah zemlar at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 11 17:42:03 CST 2009

Just a few reminders for Solstice Court tomorrow:

We enter the parking lot on the east side of the fairpark.  PARKING IS INCLUDED IN SITE FEE!!!  So do not pay for parking.  Tell the attendant if there is one that you are with the SCA and he will let you in for free.

There are no open flames inside the building so do not plan on lighting any candles.  There are battery powered LED equivalents you can buy at Big Lots.  They have a six pack for $5.

We have lots of room for banners so please bring your banners so we can hang them.  We are also having a heraldic display, so if you have feast-ware, a tabard, belt end, box, anything at all with your device on it, we would love for you to bring it and share it with everyone.  This really is a great opportunity to learn and teach about SCA heraldry, which is a very important part of the culture and history of the SCA.

Court starts early, 2:30 PM sharp, so don't be late!  We are not planning to hold a formal evening court.  However, court is always at the whim of the Crown, so don't be surprised if suddenly there is a court being held right there in the middle of the Grand Ball.

Which brings me to dancing.  Please bring your dancing shoes.  Lady Elizabeth Carter has a wonderful schedule of dances planned and the Musicians Guild is planning to provide live music.  This really is a great treat!

If dancing is not your thing, we will be holding a cribbage tournament.  However, there is a limited amount of time available so there is only room for 16 players, on a first come, first served basis.  So, get there early!

There will be a soup kitchen for lunch and a wonderful feast in the evening.  If you have not made your reservations, please check with troll, we may have a few reservations for sell at the check in table.

Mistress Constance has some fun crafts planned for the youth, and Father Christmas is sure to show up!

Please park in the parking lot to the north of the building and we hope to see everyone there!

Lady Zafirah Tahreer Bint Al Riyah
Chronicler, Barony of Loch Salann
MKA: Erika Andrach


"It is better to die on your feet than to live on your knees"


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