[Artemisia] Estrella - Who won?

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Thank you for the recognition for the win (2 years in a row) in the Combat Cooking Competition. I would however like to set the record straight as to our team members. Veronique was not one the team - she was the one in charge of feeding "the kids" while we were off playing. The spaghetti and garlic bread for the camp was under her charge.


Our team, in addition to those listed below, included Jerilyn who was the fifth of 5 cooks (and of course Gensing for moral support). Jennet and Vog were our indespensible Scullery hands and all 7 of us received a very nice 15" Pizza Baking Stone and Serving Rack Set as the prize for winning this year.


Prizes aside, we all learned as it was indeed a challenge to indentify all of the given food, determine the period and location based on fighting the Golden Horde to regain Kiev. It was also given the time of year based on the feast of a given Saint. Does anyone know what Saints' feasts are at or about the same time as St Valentines? Oh, and one more twist was added. We were at war and were given what could be spared. It was barely enough to make a feast for 10 th 12 people. Have you ever eaten radish greens? Or made a thickening gruel from buckwheat which can be used with venision broth to make a fine gravy?


The win was besides the point - the competition was a great one. The Outlands has OUTSTANDING COOKS and Adenvelt should be proud to have fieled a team. They did a very good meal too.



Aghren the Brus

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> In addition to Guillaume's victory, our Iron Chef team beat the pack! Yeah
> Casamira, Flora, Aggie, Gwenyth, and Veronique!
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