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Thank you for the recognition for the win (2 years in a row) <> Prizes
aside, we all learned as it was indeed a challenge to indentify all of the
given food, determine the period and location based on fighting the Golden
Horde to regain Kiev. It was also given the time of year based on the feast
of a given Saint. Does anyone know what Saints' feasts are at or about the
same time as St Valentines? Oh, and one more twist was added. We were at war
and were given what could be spared. 


Aghren the Brus



So you had to  identify groceries, know the ( historical) region, and a
specific time period as well as memorization of the Catholic  calendar?
Wow.  Too much for my tiny brain.


BTW: Feb 10th: St Scholastica , Sir William of Maleval 

Feb 11th:  St Adolph, 

Feb 12th: St Eulalia, The 7 founders of the "Servants of the Virgin Mary" or
Servite Order 

Feb 13th:  St Martinian

Feb 14th  (actually 2 different saints named Valentine)

Feb 15th:  St Georgia or Georgette, St Faustinus

Feb 16th: St Elias, and St Juliana of Nicomedia

No one stands out as being more known  than the Valentine saints Feast day. 

Maistreas Caointiarn  (who does keep Lives of the Saints close at hand)

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