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Actually, Feast days during Lent are supposed to be observed as Feast days
and that includes the 4 Sundays.  So allowing dairy & meat is appropriate.
For a penitent to refuse to join in on the feast would be sinful (pride) and
*that* citation is buried somewhere . . . .in a book titled something like "
A Year of Penance."   

  Your 1st real research project  for a cooking competition you never forget
. . . . .  




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From: Aghren the Brus

I think it was listed as the feasts of St Martinian and St Georgia. Those
ring a bell in my foggy-war memory...



FYI and for your fun - I have the dried herbs that we had to identify too
and will gladly bring them to Collegium. We got the feast dates right (so we
knew that it was not during lent which would have changed the appropriate
food substantially what can be eaten during Lent and all). The only mystery
scenario time element or ingredient that we missed during the competition
was "a white liquid in a jar" which was tart in taste and semi-solid. We
identifed it as buttermilk (and used it as such to marinate the pork
tenderloin) but it was indeed Kefir (a less solid form of yogurt).


The competition is as much a test and a learning experience as any test at
war. An army has always moved on its stomach and more than one war was lost
to the embarassment of stravation.


 I love the way Atemesia rolls!

YIS as always,

your baker, Agren



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