[Artemisia] Uprising XXIV Rapier

John Gibson scjdgibson at gmail.com
Fri May 7 01:28:50 CDT 2010

My Lords and Ladies, 
  Her Excellency Arial of York and I have been discussing a plan to find the
best ways to entertain our Rapier combatants this year at Uprising and it
has been decided, besides the wonderful scenarios planned, that time will be
set aside to run melee scenarios devised by You.  The rules are simple; 
  1) The scenario must be written out and turned into me the day before it
is to be run, with limited time to run them, they will be run first come.  
  2) The person designing the scenario will announce it to the fighters, and
run it.  Me and other attending marshals will help, but for that scenario,
they are in charge.
  3) Since the theme this year is the KISS principal, there are no more real
Any questions please ask.  When I'm not at work you can call me on my cell
at 208-680-7340 (Evenings preferred), or drop me an e-mail at
scjdgibson at gmail.com or scjdg at yahoo.com

THL John Gilson
Rapier Marshal Barony of One Thousand Eyes and RMIC Uprising XXIV

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