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I appoligize if I missed the information, but trying to reach the Event Steward for Overhill Annivesary.  Needed to learn about space around the Eric and potential camping Friday and or Saturday.  Also to potentially get in on the small feast afterward.


Herr Frederick von Baden
(The new guy in Lander)

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Subject: [Artemisia] Turkish Quiver Workshop Info Finalized!

Populace of Arn Hold, and any others who want to attend!


I have settled on a time and date for the Turkish quiver workshop. We will
be meeting on Sunday, May 16th at 4pm. This is NOT Mother’s Day, nor is it
the Iberian Peninsula event day. It is after the Clothier’s Guild’s meeting,
and after fighter practice. It is not a populace meeting day, nor is it a
holiday weekend. I think that finally meets most everyone’s needs.  We will
go until the last person decides to leave, or 10pm (whichever comes first).
The workshop will be held at my house in Garden City, ID (address below).
Feel free to come over a little earlier or later! I will have home-made
sweet tea and a few beers, plus some chips and dip. If you want anything
more, please bring it. 


We will be copying the pattern down, so bring poster board! The pattern now
is on poster-board, already cut out, so all you will need to do is trace the
various pieces out. I will have a limited supply of poster board, so if you
are able to bring your own, please do.


If you want to actually work on the quiver, be sure to bring leather! I have
a limited supply of leather tools (cutters, hole punches, needles, etc.). We
will be making a day of it! 


If you do not want to make a quiver, but just want to socialize, come on
over! This is not an official event, meeting, or what-not, just a way for me
to get people into the new house to hang out and socialize! (I miss my SCA
family J)


We have finally gotten everything put away and organized as best we can for
the time being, so excuse the little bit of clutter. We just moved in, and
are having a great time decorating and such. On that note, any medieval
decorations, posters, knick-knacks, wall hangings, etc. that you want to
bring to donate to the sadly bare walls are always welcome :D


The address for the new place is: 8873 Breckenridge Drive, Garden City, ID
83714. The GPS coordinates are +43° 39' 26.43", -116° 17' 33.38".  If you
Google or MapQuest, it brings you right to our front door! For those who
don’t use direction finders, here’s the best route: Get yourself to Chinden
and Maple Grove. Turn onto Garrett (Maple Grove goes one way off Chinden,
same road is called Garret the other direction). Take Garrett to the first
stop sign, which is the second street, and turn right onto Marigold. Go down
to the fourth right hand street and turn right onto Ensign. Follow Ensign to
the end (1 block) and the road curves around becoming Breckenridge. DO NOT
TURN. If you continue straight at the end of Ensign, you are in my drive
way. I will have a large Scottish flag flying outside to mark the place!


If you have any issues, need directions on the way, or just get bored with
life and want to talk, give me a call. I can be reached after 9am and before
noon, and after 930p until 1130p (We work nights, so I’m up late). My number
is 417-231-6747.


Hope to see you all here!



Rodrigo Belmonte

Deputy Seneschal 

Archer, Bard, Craftsman

Barony of Arn Hold

Kingdom of Artemisia



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