[Artemisia] Portable Holes

Zafirah Tahreer Bint Al Riyah zemlar at yahoo.com
Thu May 13 12:42:33 CDT 2010

FYI (hint to Bryce)
The very best portable holes are made from concrete form stakes, they sell them at any big box home improvement stores.  You then weld to these a section of about 4 -8 inches of 1 1/2 diameter steel pipe (you can use a larger diameter for bigger poles - up to 3" diameter).

Angle iron gets warped and twisted at the tip over time being pounded into rocky ground and becomes unuseable without repair involving a sledge hammer and an anvil.  The form stakes can be easily sharpened with a grinder and are designed to be hammered into the ground over and over again.  Some people use welded rings instead of pipe, and these look nice but you have to line up the pole carefully when inserting into the rings.  Once you have the pole in the top of the pipe it will just slide  right down to the ground.

So if a person were to purchase these items at the hardware store, it is not terribly difficult to find someone who can weld them.  I happen to know someone with a little wire feed welder...


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