[Artemisia] Flowers for Uprising Prom - Please crosspost

John Farmer sonic123456 at yahoo.com
Wed May 19 14:44:10 CDT 2010

Posted for Country Rhodes regarding the Prom. Please contact Flora and Aggie with orders.

Here is all the flower 
Colors/choices available:  yellow roses, white roses, 
pink roses, red roses,  yellow carnations, red carnations, pink 
white carnations (can be painted), pixie carnations (various colors) and various wildflowers as well as all the greenery and fillers and ANY 
color ribbon 
you would like.
No purple roses.  They do not last in the 
field.  However, if there is enough interest we can get purple 
prices:  Corsage (pin on or wrist)  includes 
4 to 5 baby roses plus filler and 
OR one large carnation and several pixie 
 - $15.00
boutonniere                                                                                       $8.00
rose presentation (the kind you hold in your 
presentation                                                                      $18.00
wildflower presentation (daisies, lilies, iris, 
wreath                                                                                     $35.00
We will try to make all arrangements out of flowers that will dry well, as a keepsake.  However, we can not do this with the wildflowers.  They 
just don't dry well, sorry.
We will also have a "commemorative" 
blue, gold and black ribbon we can add to any arrangement for an extra 
dollar.  Or it can be used INSTEAD of the standard ribbon in your 
arrangement for no extra cost.  For example, if you would like a pink 
wristlett, with powder blue trim (bow) it would be 15.00.  If you would 
like the commemorative ribbon INSTEAD of the powder blue, it will still 
15.00.  if you would like the commemorative ribbon IN ADDITION to the 
powder blue one, it will be 16.00.
A couple of things to 
remember : 
1)  there is no such thing as a black rose.  
Period.  They do NOT exist.  Do not ask us for one.  If you want 
us to spray one black for you, we can do that.  And we will get the 
red we can.
2)  orders on site will be first come, first 
served.  We will carry a few extra flowers with us, but not a 
3)  The pricing includes the cost of keeping them on ice 
in the field.  plus tape, ribbon, filler, greenery, pins, wristletts, 
4)  any profit we make from this venture will be donated 
to the KINGDOM CHILDREN'S ACTIVITIES fund.  THL Aghren and Flora will not be making any money on this.
5)  If you pre order and pay via 
paypal, the above prices are good.  However, we must ask you to add 3 
percent to your order if paying via paypal, to help us cover our paypal 
costs.  If you wait to order on site, the cost goes up 2 dollars per 
6) if we can find a couple of willing youth, we 
offer delivery.  Please tip your deliverers.

"Hide behind the mound of dead bards!"
-Flynn the Fine (The Gamers: Dorkness Rising)


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