[Artemisia] Quest Thanks

Juliana Foxcroft julifox at yahoo.com
Wed May 19 21:05:25 CDT 2010

Elk and I would like to express our heartfelt thanks to everyone who came out for Quest, despite the weather.  We were a little worried when we arrived Thursday morning to find 4" of snow on the ground, grateful when it started melting off fairly fast, and totally stoked to have over 100 people on site by the time we closed gate on Thursday evening, and 216 people trolled in through the course of the weekend.  

There were seven merchants on site this year, offering a variety of shopping experiences.   McBride's fed quite a few of us and Ealdred the Moneyer was also set up in the area on Saturday, making coins for TRM to take to Pennsic.   

We had a lot of great classes offered, and the turnout for the A&S competitions was amazing!  We had two entries for display, one in the children's category, five in populace choice and four in formal judging.  I may or may not be the MOAS by the time Quest rolls around next year, but I'm already working on better criteria and judging sheets for the judged portion.  It's also my understanding that there used to be laurel competitions at Quest, and I'm going to look into what needs to be done to bring that back.  We're also working on a better venue for the classes, so we can have the location on the calendar for next year.

To everyone who stepped in and helped marshal archery, rapier, equestrian and heavy fighting, we are most grateful!  There were quite a few rapier fighters in the arena in front of Gate, and I understand that archery went well too, with Tyr taking the war point for the Outlands.  The Equestrians were busy both days with trail rides and practice and a demo that I have been told drew quite a crowd.  

There was lots of fighting going on out on the Heavy Field, and three new fighters became authorized this weekend.  Woo hoo!  The Fool's Tourney didn't go off as planned on Thursday evening, but the Wheel of Doom Tourney on Friday night was nothing short of inspiring - from the marshals who stepped in to help run it, to the folks who loaned us torches, to the fighters who participated, to all those who came out to watch - it was awesome!  Ditto for the Just for Fun Tourney on Saturday night!  

On behalf of the Guest Ranch as well as ourselves, thanks to everyone for leaving their cabins so clean!  You made the job of getting ready for the Arctic Cat team so much easier for the workers at Nemo.

We may have secured the site and made up a schedule, but it was all of you who came and participated and helped out - despite the snow on Wednesday! - who made the event what it was.   It was every one of you, who travelled from near and far to join us in the beautiful Black Hills at Nemo, who made Quest so awesome this year!  Y'all rock!  Huzzah!

THL Juliana Foxcroft
Lord Elkanah Macdonald of Arden
Co-Autocrats, Quest for Camelot 2010

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