[Artemisia] Raptor War Returns 2 Merchanting

Richard Samul scascot at mac.com
Mon May 24 09:04:26 CDT 2010

Merchants! The merchant registration page on the Raptor War website is  
designed to serve two purposes - besides signing you up to merchant,  
it's also a place to display a small "advertisement"* announcing that  
you will be merchanting and what you will be selling! Please contact  
the Event Web Steward (yours truly) to get your information displayed  
on the Merchants page.

Earc Cearr
Event Web Steward
Raptor War Returns 2

*Merchant information appearing on the Raptor War Returns 2 Merchants  
page is not an endorsement of that Merchant by the SCA, Inc., and such  
information is provided solely as a courtesy to that Merchant.

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