[Artemisia] Raptor War Rumblings

John Farmer sonic123456 at yahoo.com
Mon May 24 20:05:35 CDT 2010

There has been a 
lot of talk that there are no trees at the Raptor War site this year. 
This is not true. The site has a copse of trees that we will be camping 
in. There is plenty of shade for everyone to relax in. The fighting 
areas that we have mapped out right now do not have tree shade, but if 
we can get enough help ...clearing out the brush, we will be able to 
provide a forest battle scenario as well.  The site was moved so we 
could include Equestrian as well as camping, fighting, archery, dance, 
and everything else anyone would want in an event. The site is big 
enough to have ALL of these activities going at the same time. I am confident that everyone who comes will have a great time!
Look forward to seeing everyone there.

Lord Eadric Hameresmithe
Raptor War Returns 2 Co-Event Steward

"Hide behind the mound of dead bards!"
-Flynn the Fine (The Gamers: Dorkness Rising)


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