[Artemisia] Rose and Butterfly Tournament at Uprising 24

Mike Bradley connor.mac.michil at gmail.com
Wed May 26 13:02:14 CDT 2010

Unto the rapier fighters, Ladies of the Rose, and Ladies of the
Papillion of Artemisia

as well,

Unto the visiting rapier fighters, Ladies of the Rose, and Ladies of
the ... (Viscountesses*) coming to Uprising in the Glorious Lands of
One Thousand Eyes in the Superb and Wonderful Sovereign Lands of

Does HL Conchobhar mac Michil, by the Grace of Their Gryphon Majesties
of Artemisia, Defender of the White Scarf, send most humble and
heartfelt Greetings and Salutations,

First, let me apologize for the lateness of the announcement for this
year's tournament.  Real life has been conspiring against allowing me
the time to dictate to my scribe.  Thankfully, my scribe kept a copy
of last year's missive for me to quickly edit.
Secondly, feel free to forward this letter around the Known World if
you think it necessary, as it is only being sent directly to the
rapier lists of Artemisia, Atenveldt, and the Outlands (they being the
two Kingdoms with the most visitors to Uprising each year).

This year, at the 23rd anniversary of the (failed) revolt of the
Northern Atenveldt shires (for the less than mathematically inclined,
Uprising XXIV), I Don Conchobhar will once again be running and
sponsoring the Rose and Butterfly Tournament in the manner that I

To wit:
Those fighters wishing to enter must have a sponsor. Said sponsor must
be a member of the Order of the Rose (i.e., a Countess or Duchess), a
Lady of the Papillion* (Viscountess) or a currently seated Queen,
Princess, or Heir to one of those titles. Those Ladies eligible to
sponsor fighters may sponsor one fighter for each reign that they did
serve; any variance from that rule is at the whim of myself.  It
should be noted that my whim always includes reigning Queens and
Princesses being able to sponsor as many fighters as they wish, and to
allow Crown Princesses and Tanistas (or whatever Principalites call
the Princess' Heir these days) to count their upcoming reign when
determining the number of fighters they can sponsor. (For example, HG
Renee could sponsor three fighters, twice Queen of Artemisia and once
Princess of Artemisia.) All fighters must have a letter of marque from
their Lady Sponsor, or be presented in person to the Marshal of the
Tournament (HL Conchobhar) on the day of the tournament before the
tournament starts.  My personal preference is for an e-mail from the
sponsor in advance, but hand-written and mailed or delivered by hand
are fine as well.  Due to the lateness of the announcement, even if
you will have a hand-written letter (some of which have been
beautifully done and I love receiving) a quick email of intent from
the fighter or sponsor would be greatly appreciated.

The tournament will be held on Saturday morning at Uprising. The
format of the tournament (round-robin, double elimination, etc.) will
be determined by the number of entrants. As host of the tournament, I
will also be providing a prize to the sponsoring Lady and fighter who
is victorious on the field.**

I would like to remind everyone why I started this tournament.  This
tournament is not about fighting for personal glory.  It is fighting
for the glory and honor of those Ladies, that by tradition in
Artemisia and other places, that we fight for.  The King and the
Prince, they have had all those that wear armor to serve them; the
well dressed, well rounded, articulate Renaissance men and women of
the Arte of Defense chose to serve the Queen and the Princess, and
they allowed us to fight for them.  They let us fight in their name,
so, let's fight in their name.

So, as of right now, the list for the Rose and Butterfly Tournament is
open. My challenge to you all is to have as many of the Ladies whose
honor we have taken onto the field as Queens and Princesses
represented in the tournament. I look forward to seeing you all at

Don Conchobhar, DWS Artemisia

*Throughout, Lady of the Papillion should be read to include "and all
other similar Principality Orders for former Princesses".

**No, I have no clue what the prizes will be right now, and probably
wouldn't say even if I did.

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