[Artemisia] Kingdom Goods & Services Auction

Richard Samul scascot at mac.com
Mon Oct 17 11:57:37 CDT 2011

Is your mouth watering yet? Does your belt have room? Have you seen the latest addition to the Goods & Services Auction?

In addition to handcrafted soda and to-die-for shortbread, the Auction now features the food of the gods: BAKLAVA! Two batches, in fact, for your bidding and eating pleasure - bid on one, or bid on both! While you're there, take a look at the other items up for bid; something is sure to catch your eye.

Have something you want to donate to the Auction? Contact me for more information on how to submit your item!

The Auction can be found at: http://auction.baronyarnhold.org

Please cross-post this message as you feel appropriate.

HL Earc Cearr
Auction Administrator

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