[Artemisia] Sigh. Another black eye for the SCA

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As posted in several other areas and other lists (including Facebook)...this person hasn't been a member since 1995. People keep bringing up his armor and which makes the general public think he is still part of our organization by association. I suspect he is participating in some splinter group which explains the equipment still being around. Push come to shove, he's not SCA. 


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Looking at the stills in the MSNBC clip, it is SCA-standard armor and weapons, so it does reflect on us, OTOH policy forever has been "what happens at private, family-only practice is NOT official, therefore not our problem".  Having said that, since he has committed a crime while in SCA gear, were I a resident of his Kingdom, I'd be sending his Crown a request to Banish.  Of course, the rules regarding Banishments require several steps and due process, so don't expect an R&D next week.

As for the "unpleasant fighters' practice", I highly doubt it, as the video indicated he's in custody.


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>If this guy really is a member of the SCA, and if this story is an accurate report of what happened, I am fairly sure he's about to discover this isn't going to go over too well.
>Because #1 this appears to be domestic violence against female (and this is very different question from fighting a woman in the SCA sense of fighting).
>And #2, this appears to be domestic violence against a child.
> SCA members generally don't take too kindly to either of those things. I'd guess a banishment and a VERY unpleasant fighter practice may be in his future.
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