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Hellfyre I so agree! I plan to teach a re-vamped Artemisian History 101 at Southern Collegium this spring. I've always found SCA history incredibly interesting -- fencing, fighting, chases, escapes, true love, miracles...

Shoot me an email off-list, I'd like to talk to ya =)

On the original topic...

There are two places I see glaringly mundane plastic that isn't going to be addressed by the new rules. One is the Japanese armor made of uncovered kydex (which can be identified a hundred yards away or more) and the other is the molded-plastic basket hilts. Yes, I realise that the plastic hilts are VERY nice to use in that they are light and strong, but they look dreadfully, glaringly mundane. I know they are carefully made by some great folks, their appearance reminds me of industrial-grade rubbermaid garbage cans. 

How much should we compromise form for function, and how much should we compromise function for form?


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We as the fighting community need to HELP these new fighters, promote proper ways of doing things and be the change we want to see.  Otherwise we can chitchat all we want until we are blue in the face, but it will do no good.  So, whether they are in your household, or they’re a newbie right outta the box, take time to help them improve (in a friendly and pleasant manner).  They are in OUR Kingdom and the responsibility rests on OUR shoulders to foster good will and promote growth, lest we lose the very thing we love, and I for one am not willing to see that happen any more than it already has.  
>Along this same line, I would love to see more classes or discussions around fighting traditions, (even traditions in general) that have been lost or forgotten.  We pride ourselves on re-creating the best of medieval history but more times than I care to count we have lost OUR history, OUR traditions as a Kingdom and as a Society.  Even from 15 years ago I see a huge difference in the way we play now vs. then and I can only think it has to do with us losing those that knew what the traditions were.  
>I have talked to many a Knight and even within the Chivalry views of traditions are vastly different.  We have new traditions and old, it would be wonderful if we had a way of keeping track of these, in some fashion or another.  
>Just a few thoughts, sorry if I rambled on but this is something near & dear to my heart.  I am more than willing to help in any way, shape or form, to encourage our fighting community in a way that fosters growth & renewed hope for a brighter vision of our future, that represents our past =)

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