[Artemisia] For those staying with Allegretza and Padruig.....

Brian Dix bd300win at yahoo.com
Thu Oct 27 17:13:08 CDT 2011

Nessa and Ruger are planning to be there and we have no food allergies or animal allergies.

From: Angela Zentz <allegretza at yahoo.com>
To: Lord Padruig McTavish <rayzentz at aol.com>; Kingdom of Artemisia mailing list <artemisia at lists.gallowglass.org>
Sent: Thursday, October 27, 2011 11:34 AM
Subject: [Artemisia] For those staying with Allegretza and Padruig.....

Hey y'all.
Just a note for those planning on staying at the abode of Padruig and Allegretza the weekend of Collegium.
1) I reaaaaally need a raise of hands for all who are looking at using us for crash space. I am plotting and planning the best places for everyone to sleep and choosing menus. I also need arrival time estimates for food planning on Friday. 
2) I need to know of any food allergies or restrictions right away--by Saturday (Oct 29). Is HRM the only one with cat allergies? 
3) A little warning...we tend to keep our house a bit cooler at night than the average folk. You may want to bring your fuzzy socks and flannel jammies. I have lots of extra blankets. You will want to bring your own pillows as well--we have a few extras but not many.
4) I have two playpens and a crib that can be used. Let me know if you want to use one and I will set it up in "your" room. :)
5) Other important info: 
Ray and Anji Zentz
4667 So 2075 W
Roy, Utah 84067
(I have been told MapQuest gives good directions.)
And if you get lost...801-623-0271.

We are very excited to host everyone and the whole family is looking forward to next weekend. 
See you then!


If you are prepared for the zombie apocolypse,
everything else is covered.

From: Alex Hunt <alexgyan at msn.com>
To: Artemisia_Royal at yahoogroups.com
Sent: Thursday, October 13, 2011 12:59 PM
Subject: [Artemisia_Royal] Kingdom collegium


In looking at all the e-mails, I realize I may be on the late side for this 
but. . ., I would like to go to collegium, would like to car pool and need crash 
space. I have no problems with cats, dogs, milk or other allergens (I do take my 
hay fever medication religiously.) I could definitely take my car if there are 
others interested in car pooling.] 

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