[Artemisia] Consignment at Uprising

BENGTA1 at aol.com BENGTA1 at aol.com
Fri Jun 8 13:54:54 CDT 2012

To those who might be interested:

I am merchanting at Uprising this year, and am also doing consignment  as 
If any one would like for me to do any consignments for thing that are in  
good shape, I will take them up and try to sell them. My fee is 20% of the  
gross. I must have anything you are sending up at my house by this Sunday.  
With the articles, I would also like a list describing the articles and your 
 asking price. A tag pined to the article with your information would be 
helpful  to me. Your contact information also. 
My address is 935 East HWY 193 (quail ridge moble home park) space 88. That 
 is in the very north east corner. For those who are going up, bring me 
your  things to my booth. My phone is 801-686-4842. 

IYS lovingly 
Baroness (Lady mom) Eneas
_thladymom-eneas at hotmail.com_ (mailto:thladymom-eneas at hotmail.com) 

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