[Artemisia] Spear Order

Richard Johnson richard.johnson1 at gmail.com
Tue Jun 19 17:40:06 CDT 2012

Pardon the bandwidth Good Gentles,
I am assembling an order for wood-grain fiberglass spear lengths.

Spears will be $40 plus $18 shipping.  (large items like these spears
cost a bundle to ship)

Ebonwoulfe Armory is willing to discount shipping based on the number
of spears we can order.
In the past he has done free shipping on orders of 15 or more spears.
So if there are 10 more warriors looking for spears we could save a bundle.

Delivery can be arranged for any fighters practice in Loch Salann,
Kingdom Events, or pick up.

Please contact me directly if interested at richard.johnson1 at gmail.com

L Richard Stark
(Richard Johnson)

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