[Artemisia] July Challenge!

Andrea Balla aravis227 at hotmail.com
Wed Jun 20 19:22:43 CDT 2012

I've had several people ask about what materials to use for the scribal challenge.  I wanted to send out some basic guidelines on what to use.  For paper, you should use a heavier weight paper.  I'm including a link to the paper that I use.  For paints you should use gouache (goo-osh).  It is a watercolor paint and you should thin it with a little bit of water before painting.  You can purchase the Reeve's brand pretty inexpensively at Joann's.  When you open the container a bit of clear fluid will come out, just let it run out and get rid of it (I recently heard this tip!  Thank you Bethany!)  If you want to go all out there a couple of more expensive, better quality brands that some of the more experienced scribal arts people would be able to point you to.  

I don't have any experience with pens and ink, so hopefully someone will jump in and give some ideas for that.  If you do not want to go out and purchase all of this, talk to a local scribe!  Most people are willing to share and help.

Her Grace Caryn reminded me of something about scroll blanks that I forgot to mention.  Please, if you are doing calligraphy make sure that you do NOT include dates or the names of royalty.  These might not be given out during the current reign and we still want them to be usable by future kings and queens!

For those who have asked about collaborating, YES! :) Please feel free to collaborate with friends or to provide an illumination only scroll.  I don't want anyone to be left out just because they don't do calligraphy (especially because -I- don't do calligraphy...although I plan to learn during this challenge).  I do encourage you to stretch yourself.  If you've done several illumination or calligraphy only scrolls, try your hand at the other...but that is certainly not a requirement, just an encouragement. :) 


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