[Artemisia] Thank you for a wonderful Uprising

Barb Parris barb_ariel17 at yahoo.com
Thu Jun 21 18:24:19 CDT 2012

   Thank you to everyone who helped make Uprising 26 such an amazing event.  Thank you to all who volunteered, who taught or attended classes, fought, danced, feasted, or who just enjoyed spending time with 800+ of your closest friends.  It fills our hearts with such joy to see what a wonderful and caring community/family we have in the SCA and we are both so glad to get to spend good times with you all.  Thank you from the bottom of our our hearts.
   Please drop either of us a note and let us know what you especially enjoyed, or if there is something that could be done better, please let us know. Thank you all.
Robert the Lost and Ariel of York
Baron and Baroness One Thousand Eyes

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