[Artemisia] Talon and Crescent War

Richard Evans arilevi111 at hotmail.com
Tue Oct 9 13:47:17 CDT 2012

It is true that this War has been postponed until 2014.  We were unable 
to secure an adequate site for the War.  We had a site identified some 
months ago that appeared to be sufficient for about 1000 participants.  A
 few weeks ago, when the time had come to sign a contract, the owners of
 the site began imposing significant restrictions.  These restrictions 
would have limited participation to few than 500.  (We estimated between
 350 and 400.)  Break-even for this War was estimated at 500 and we 
fully expected in excess of 750.  I considered it a poor planning policy
1. Continue with a War that I knew would lose our Kingdom money
 Put us in a position where we might have to turn away people at the 
gate after those people had traveled for hours and incurred significant 
3. Have our inaugural event significantly sub-standard

 co-Autocrat in Caid agreed.  Their Majesties Artemisia and Caid were 
informed.  The decision for postponement was then made and the official 
announcement was made at Artemisia Crown and Great Western War.

 know that this is a disappointment.  I have been working on this since 
February, and have been driving for this for years.  This was a very 
difficult decision to make.

Let me be clear on exactly where the 
target is for you to shoot at:  Had I forced the situation, I feel quite
 confident that I could have convinced all of the decision makers to 
keep driving.  I did not force the situation.  I called for the 
postponement. You see the reasons for my decisions.  Fire at will.


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