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Thu Oct 18 00:20:08 CDT 2012

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Greetings all,

     We are just two and a half weeks from Kingdom Collegium 2012 in the Most Ancient baron of Loch Salann! The site will be at Excelsior Academy in Erda Utah (Near Tooele). The site is located at 124 East Erda Way, Erda UT, 84074. This is a school and is therefore a DRY site!

SITE FEES: Adults are $8 and youth 5-14 are $4.
Non-member surcharge of $5.
Make checks payable to Barony of Loch Salann, SCA Inc

Our class coordinator, Her Excelency Anna has posted an updated class scheduled with about 60 classes, ranging from Dance to History, Heavy Fighting to Cooking! If you have an interest, chances are there is a class for it! http://www.loch-salann.org/pdf/KC-ClassList10-16-2012.pdf

In addition to the talent of our Kingdom, we have several guest instructors. Sir Octamasades, from far off An Tir, will be our guest instructor for 
the Heavy Fighting track. Also joining us as the guest instructor for 
the Fine Arts Track will be Mistress Aislinn, for lessons in Elizabethan pattering and blackwork, as well as her husband Master 
Thorgrimm who will be instructing on the fine points of English Country 
Dancing and Italian Court Dancing.

As this is a Kingdom event, we will be holding a fund-raiser for the Kingdom travel fund. Don Elyas Tigar is organizing a luncheon for the event for a donation of $5. We are asking any who are willing to donate food stuffs for the luncheon to contact him directly at elyas.tigar at facebook.com or via Facebook under Elyas Tigar. We would ask that if you intend to bring soup or any other warm items, that you bring them as pre-warmed as possible so as not to overwhelm the circuits. 

Keep an eye out for other fund-raisers to help offset the Kingdom's costs in covering travel for our guest instructors in the next few days. 

For those looking for Crash Space, Her Excellency Sheeleagh has graciously agreed to be crash space coordinator 
for Collegium. She can be contacted at jeanne533 at yahoo.com. 

The current schedule for the event is to open doors at 9 with class sign up for the first hour and any important announcements  to be made at 9:45 and classes to start PROMPTLY at 10. Classes will go from 10-5, with the aforementioned Luncheon running from 11:30-1:30. Evening court is planned for 5:30 and the site is planned to be cleaned and closed by 7:30.  

Looking forward to seeing everyone there!


Dunkr Ormrhandleggr
Autocrat, Collegium 2012

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