[Artemisia] 1348!

Michele Wolf amefinch at cableone.net
Tue Oct 23 10:51:47 CDT 2012

Weather looks like it might be on our side and give us a lovely weekend in
Boise for 1348!  There is going to be a lot of fun going on from Baroness's
champion, Arts & sciences, fighting and fencing and lots of good, old
fashioned DEATH!  (It is the plague, after all!)  There is a lunch potluck
and lots of yummy treats (err, remedies) for sale as a fundraiser)


One note:  The site (Parkview bible fellowship) is bone dry.  But the park
(essentially the back yard) is a boise park and that is damp.  Don't get me
in trouble, folks, but do with that as you see fit.  J


Hope to see everyone there!

Giliana Attewatyr




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