[Artemisia] Rose and Butterfly Tournament at Uprising XXVII

Mike Bradley connor.mac.michil at gmail.com
Tue Apr 2 23:22:57 CDT 2013

Unto the Ladies of the Rose and Ladies of the Papillion of Artemisia,

and to the Ladies of the Rose and Ladies of the various orders for former
Princesses in whatever grand Kingdoms and Principalities this missive may

and as well, to those that fight with rapier within and beyond the borders
of the Kingdom that will be attending Uprising XXVII in the Splendid
Peacock Lands of One Thousand Eyes in the Noble and Glorious Sovereign
Lands of Artemisia

Does HL Conchobhar mac Michil, by the Grace of Their Gryphon Majesties,
Defender of the White Scarf, send heartfelt and warm Greetings and

This year as we again gather to celebrate the original (if unsuccessful)
revolt of the Northern Atenveldt shires against the severe oppressions of
the only Barony to the near south (*cough*Loch Salann*cough*)[1], I Don
Connor will once again be hosting and sponsoring the Rose and Butterfly

As I was preparing this missive, I did some research through old documents
my scribe had available, and came to the realization that this will be the
10th annual Rose and Butterfly Tournament, and it has been my honor and
privilege to host the Tournament most of those years, and to fight in it
last year.[2]  Though the format and rules have changed slightly since
Uprising 18 (in 2004), the most important element of the tournament has not
-- This Tournament is not for the fighters.  It really isn't, and anyone
who says otherwise is flat out wrong; I should know.  The Rose and
Butterfly Tournament is, and always has been, to have the *honor* of having
the inspiration of, and fighting for the glory of, those Queens and
Princesses that the rapier community in the SCA has traditionally been in
service to and supported by.  When I founded this tournament it was to give
us, the fighters, the chance to give back to those Ladies who have given so
much to us; the Crown supports us, recognizes us, and believes in us, but
when you look at the White Scarf of Artemisia, you'll find it on the
shoulder of Her Royal Majesty, embroidered with the names of the Order and
the Queen who presented it.  There are plenty of times to fight for
personal honor and glory on the field, and indeed we all do, but this
Tournament is present our skills on the field only for the honor and glory
of our Sponsors.

Before getting on to the overview of the rules, there will be one
significant change from last year.  There will not be the
procession/introduction of all the fighters. Believe me, I like pomp and
ceremony. I really do, it's kinda the point.  But that just took *way* to
long.  I'd rather not monopolize *all* of HRM & HRH Artemisia and the other
Ladies' time; they grace us with Their presence to see us fight, not stand
around.  And the fighters show up to honor them by fighting, not stand
around.  Instead, I will be preparing a new and special sword oath for this

Now, on to the rules...

Those fighters wishing to enter must have a sponsor. Said sponsor must be a
member of the Order of the Rose (i.e., a Countess or Duchess), a Lady of
the Papillion[3] (Viscountess) or a currently seated Queen, Princess, or
Heir to one of those titles. Those Ladies eligible to sponsor fighters may
sponsor one fighter for each reign that they did serve; any variance from
that rule is at the whim of myself.  It should be noted that my whim always
includes reigning Queens and Princesses being able to sponsor as many
fighters as they wish, and to allow Crown Princesses and Tanistas (or
whatever Principalites call the Princess' Heir these days) to count their
upcoming reign when determining the number of fighters they can sponsor.
(For example, HG Renee could sponsor three fighters, twice Queen of
Artemisia and once Princess of Artemisia.) All fighters must have a letter
of marque from their Lady Sponsor, or be presented in person to the Marshal
of the Tournament (HL Conchobhar) on the day of the tournament before the
tournament starts.  My personal preference is for an e-mail from the
sponsor in advance, but hand-written and mailed or delivered by hand are
fine as well.  Even if you will have a hand-written letter (some of which
have been beautifully done and I love receiving) a quick email of intent
from the fighter or sponsor would be greatly appreciated (and by 'greatly
appreciated' I mean 'pretty pretty please?' as the more paperwork and
tourney prep I can get done before the tourney, the less time fighters are
waiting to cross blades while I get it all together).

The format for the Tournament will likely be, as it has in recent years, be
pooled fights, followed by a single elimination fight of the top fighters
from the pools.  Weapons are up to the fighter, unless the sponsor of the
fighter declares otherwise.  Meaning, fighters should bring their best, not
just match weapons with their opponents.

At this time, the list for the 10th Annual Rose and Butterfly Tournament is
now open.

In service to the Dream, the Crown of Artemisia, the Ladies of the Rose and
Papillion, and the Arte of Defense,
Don Conchobhar mac Michil, DWS Artemisia

[1] Of historical note, 1000 Eyes became a Barony a few months later, as
have many of their allies that joined them. And Loch Salann hardly every
tries to oppress anyone anymore. ;-)

[2] Yes, I really do have well over a decade, more like 15+ years, of
archived emails.

[3] Or any one of the Orders for former Princesses.

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