[Artemisia] Archery Workshop in SilverKeep

Artemisia Seneschal seneschal at artemisia.sca.org
Sat Apr 13 19:49:38 CDT 2013

Here is the much anticipated information on the upcoming Archery Workshop,
to be held in the Shire of SilverKeep on April 27th and 28th.  HE Ryryd ap
Gwerstan has planned this archery workshop and its curriculum; we are very
fortunate that he, with the help of his protégé, Lady Aingeal, are coming
North to give us this opportunity to learn.

SITE: The site is in Belgrade (10 miles west of Bozeman on I-90),
approximately 1 mile off of I-90. I will post the address and directions
once I get GOOD directions from the site owner. The site is 2 acres on
private property; it is a person’s home. We can use the restroom inside.
We will have a few pop up shelters for shade and some tables, please bring
your own chairs. If you have an extra portable table that you can bring,
it would be appreciated. Please bring all archery gear you have and a
notebook and pen/pencil for taking notes.

There is no potluck for lunch or supper planned, but there are various
food establishments in the town of Belgrade, approximately 2 miles from
the site, and obviously if you bring your lunch or snacks with you that
will work as well. There will be some light munchies and snacks provided,
as well as water and perhaps Gatorade. Please wear MUNDANE clothing.

SCHEDULE: We will plan on starting at 9:00am on Saturday and go until ? on
Saturday (HE Ryryd's decision, leaving it up to him and how things
progress that day).
 Depending on how things progress on Saturday, we will decide then what
time we will start on Sunday. It will end no later than noon on Sunday.

The target audience for this is people who wish to establish an archery
program or assist in same.  Therefore, the target audience is:

1. Member in good standing
2. 18 years or older
3. An interest in serving the archery community

This is absolutely not some kind of a fun shoot; this weekend is geared
toward creating warranted archery marshals. It normally takes 6 months to
teach someone how to run a program.  We have a day and a half to get this
done, so this will be a focused workshop.

HE Ryryd has planned the entire curriculum and plans for both days. The
outline of the curriculum is listed below.

If you plan to attend, please contact me so that we can determine the
number of attendees for planning purposes. Please feel free to contact me
with any questions or concerns as well. As I receive any updates, I will
send to various lists, but also to individuals who have contacted me.

raudhara at hotmail.com  or seneschal at artemisia.sca.org

Outline for Archery Training

1. General Requirements for an Archery Program
  a. People
  b. Equipment
  c. Practices
2. Recruitment
3. Marshal Training
4. Conducting Practices
5. Range set-up
  a. Practice Ranges
  b. Setting up for a tournament
6. (Practicum) Training new archers
7. (Practicum) Conducting the range
8. (Practicum) Different practice types
9. Equipment inspection
10. (Practicum) Advanced training techniques
  a. Shooting with different bow types
  b. Refining techniques
  c. Special considerations (children, women, body shapes, etc.)
11. (Practicum) Conducting an IKAC with line marshals

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