[Artemisia] Kingdom Arts & Sciences Dessert Auction

Vaun Stevens vstvns3 at gmail.com
Sun Apr 21 13:00:07 CDT 2013


In just two short weeks we will be celebrating the glorious works of the
kingdom's artisans at the Arts and Sciences Championship being held in the
Shire of Castelleone Nuovo.

As part of the event, we are holding a dessert auction to help fill the
Kingdom's coffers.  It is my honor to be the steward for the auction.

Please let me know before the event which dessert you are bringing and if
your dessert requires refrigeration. I would also appreciate that you
include a card listing the ingredients for your dessert.

I'm looking forward to seeing what wonderful desserts will be on offer.

Annys of Pengwyrn
vstvns3 at gmail dot com / (406) 542-2656 [no calls after 11 pm]

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