[Artemisia] Raptor Follow-up and Lost and Found

Kelly Campbell/Kelwin Ratslayer ratslayer at spro.net
Sun Jul 14 14:49:26 CDT 2013

Thank you, thank you, thank you to all the wonderful people who helped make
Raptor War such a fun event.  I would list all the individuals who helped
but I would have to list pretty much everyone who was at the event.  So many
people pitched in to get the Baronial Pavilions up and back down including
the crew from Loch Salann and from 1000 Eyes.  I am very fortunate to live
in such a great barony where so many people are willing to step up and help.
I did want to say an extra special thank you to HE Syeira who kept me mostly
sane and on track, Signy, who put out some pretty awesome soups on Friday
night, Tegan and Balenor for feeding us Saturday night, Clare for taking
care of royalty and the following people for running activities at the



John Robert of York

HE Fernando




Morgan (the nice one)


I also want to thank Antonia and Varia for hauling all the Baronial stuff up
to the site. Antonia for taking care of the bathroom facilities, Etienne for
setting up the showers, Braden, Esebel and Kathleen for taking care of the
gate, Elise for sitting in the hot sun directing cars until we got the signs
up, Fritz for helping me get all my stuff set up and all those people who
helped walk the site and pick up garbage.


There were only a few items left behind.

1 pair of camouflage slippers (it's amazing I saw them hiding in the trees)

A coffee pot

A brown ceramic mug

One very cute pink sweatshirt with a monkey on it and ears on the hood (too
bad it won't fit me!!!)


If any of the items are yours please contact me.  


Thanks again everyone!!!!!


Kelwin Ratslayer 

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