[Artemisia] Heraldry Notifications and Rejections (PLEASE READ)

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Being one of the ones who had theirs rejected for crayon coloring (their
words, actually used art pencils) I can speak a little to this.  My device
was submitted in early 2012, went through a local herald, kingdom heraldic
process, made it Society level and sat there for several months.  I only
heard back in April 2013 because the local heralds kept looking it up (and
of course got my system notification yesterday).  It is a very discouraging
process for it to go through all that to finally come back rejected for the
coloring (and the only reason given).  And being it was only a few months
after they made the decision on no wax I'm betting it was a training issue
more than anything.  Yes, our local officers are awesome and Juliana is
right on in that this process is very outdated.... to the point of being
very broken and not friendly (and that isn't the only thing in society
procedures).  And probably the reason I have only heard bad stories out of
the process.  Well now mine can be added as well along with an attitude of
not wanting to even resubmit.


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> Our kingdom and local officers rock on a grand scale (you all know who you
> are), but I have to admit, rejecting a submission because of computer
> printed colors?  Considering in this modern age you can set your printer or
> Photoshop program to the exact color specs for the Crayola brand of markers
> this should be a no brainer.  Bring in the fact all the Heralds forms are
> electronic, and the Heralds are requiring forms be sent back electronically
> too. With the push from Society to become more paperless, why are we still
> dealing with an interim paper and rescan process at all?  Would be much
> easier to bring up the required file, fill in the device (there are
> electronic versions of most of the heraldic charges, see cut and paste),
> color your file with a couple clicks in Word or Photoshop, hit save, email
> the lot to your respective Kingdom officer or upload it to OSCAR.  No paper
> shuffling, no stamps, no extra cost or storage for coloring supplies
> either.  If a paper copy is needed at a certain level, that officer can hit
> print.  It seems to me that they are just perpetuating outdated methods and
> ultimately creating more work for a bunch of folk.
> HE Juliana  (not a Herald btw).
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> I really, REALLY try to support my Kingdom Officers, and even more so
> support my SCA family in their offices, but rejecting because they used the
> wrong crayons?  That strikes me as utterly ridiculous, and a real good
> reason to not bother with registration.  Having said that, I realize that
> this is a Laurel Sovereign/BoD level rule, not something our wonderful
> Kingdom Heralds would do to us, which I appreciate.
> Morgan
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> >
> >All,
> >Below are a couple important notes for those who have recently
> >submitted heraldry or who are planning on submitting heraldry soon.
> >Please pass this on and cross post in any appropriate locations.
> Notifications.
> >
> >Our new Golden Pillar, THL Sine has sent out a number of notifications
> >this weekend, clearing a bit of a backlog. If you have had a submission
> >in the last year or so and have not heard anything, check your e-mail.
> >Also, have your local Herald check their mail, as she has updated the
> >notification system to let them know when an approval or rejection has
> >been sent for an individual.
> >
> >Many thanks to THL Sine for what she has done in her short time in this
> >office.
> >
> >Heraldry Rejections.
> >
> >There have been two major causes for Heraldry rejections in the last year.
> >
> >1) Use of wax pencil (colored pencil)/crayon/colored ink from a
> >printer. DO NOT use these mediums to color your device. The Laurel
> >meetings in May of
> >2011 determined these were cause for return, and your device will be
> >returned. Instead, please use Crayola Classic Markers (not the washable
> >ones). The 8 count box should have all the right tinctures.
> >
> >2) New Submission Standards. As of May 2012, the Laurel has phased out
> >the old submissions standards (RfS) and has instituted The Standards
> >for Evaluation of Names and Armory (SENA)
> http://heraldry.sca.org/sena.html.
> >All new submissions and resubmissions must comply with these standards.
> >Please review these standards.
> >
> >One of the changes that seems to be causing rejection is "The charges
> >within a charge group should be in either identical
> >postures/orientations or an arrangement that includes
> >posture/orientation (in cross, combatant, or in pall points outward,
> >for example). A charge group in which postures for different charges
> >must be blazoned individually will not be allowed without period examples
> of that combination of postures."
> >
> >Basically, you cannot have a charge oriented in a different direction
> >than any other charges on a device.
> >
> >If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact me
> >directly at principal-herald at artemisia.sca.org.
> >
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