[Artemisia] Winning or Just Not Losing?

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My take on that is.... this is NOT a democracy. We signed on for a monarchy
and that is what we have. If it becomes a democracy where everybody is the
same and it is not like the middles ages anymore.... why not stay home and
be modern?

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When people grumble about a tournament not being won cleanly, I think that
it is a symptom of a bigger issue.  The SCA has many varied activities that
each person can pick and chose from.   Heavy combat is one of the oldest of
these activities.  It's very visible, and it draws in a lot of our new
membership.  But it is not the only activity we do.  Yet the fact remains
that it is the only way to win the crown.  And the crown makes the rules for
all of our activities.  I can't speak for anyone else, but that seems unfair
to me.  It doesn't make sense to me that a person who is good at combat is
necessarily a good ruler.  And it doesn't make sense to me to quibble about
the fairness of combat, when it's already unfair that only the combatants
have the opportunity to rule.


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