[Artemisia] Fwd: Winning or Just Not Losing?

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This ought to liven things up a bit ;o)  Well done, Your Grace

Cheaters aside (and yes, that is what they are) I'm a bit tired of those running the Tournament(s) announcing at the beginning that cheating will not be tolerated and then doing absolutely nothing about it.  Don't bluff, don't posture - just do the job as you swore you would when you took up the Crowns.

Either way, everyone - those who are Cheating and those who are just watching - knows what sort of behavior is acceptable in this Kingdom.

Arn Hold

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Good Morning All,

Seems like we need some lively discussion to wake up the Aerie.  Excellent!  Here we go, and the topic is appropriate considering this weekend's festivities...

The SCA claims to be honorable, and is loath to "call shots" for others.  But what happens when someone refuses to "call shots" as good in a tournament?  Please don't pretend this doesn't happen.  We've all seen it repeatedly.

How do we deal with the person who couldn't win, but refused to lose?  So far, we've not done much.  Sometimes they get a Crown out of the deal, which of course dishonors those who did fight fairly and played the game with honor.  Those people far outweigh the Cheaters.

Oh my, is that too harsh?  But PC aside, what do you call someone who participates in a game, yet wants to win and not necessarily following the rules to do so?

I was extremely pleased to watch our last Crown Tourney.  It was clean, and the final winner, in fact, was the winner.  Not the guy who refused to lose.  I would greatly hope that we would draw a line in the sand and say, that is the standard that we wil hold to.

So, how is that done?

Discuss away!


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