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There are two FB pages for the Kingdom, the Official Page that is run by the Information Officer and the Unofficial Discussion page which is administered by me.
The Official page has limited posting capabilities.  

The Unofficial page is a privately held page.  I am fairly liberal with what I'll allow, but part of the charter of that page was posts relating to political agendas, merchandising, spam, and general solicitation of something not related to kingdom or SCA activities could and often are deleted.  I also will go through and delete old posts related to past event notices and things that don't "archive".

Some people are a bit offended that I will not allow merchandising as they may wish to show their cool armor, swords, etc., but when the page was created, we did not want to turn it into another commercial page, and didn't want to compete with the kingdom newsletter that sold advertising.  

This forum will allow more merchandising.
The other main difference here is archiving.  It is much easier to save an e-mail that scroll through what could be months of posts trying to find certain information.
If this is being used, then I see no reason not to keep it.
Lady Auraelia de Medici


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> Does SCA, Inc. consider a FB page "official" now?
> Alan
My understanding is there are "official" group facebook pages, a practice
sanctioned and overseen by the SCA Inc. via the social media officers.
Posting ability to those are limited to a certain set of officers.
Information posted on them is considered official.  This doesn't supersede
the rules in place about information required to be published in
newsletters.  That's my understanding and likely has some holes. Rhys
probably has the more nuanced answer as the Kingdom Social Media Officer.

To be truly honest, IMO this is a technology issue that the SCA is going to
be forced to address more comprehensively if the desire is to be able draw
in new members.  Millennials and the next generation expect a completely
different type of communication that we're used to (and that doesn't mean
primarily Facebook). That isn't to say email lists are ineffective, just
not what younger people desire.


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