[Artemisia] Having more of a say in how the Kingdom is run (without being King/Queen)

M Steele mps0307 at yahoo.com
Fri Oct 2 12:17:28 CDT 2015

It's very simple, and the opportunity is open right now! Kingdom Seneschal! If you want to have a true and legitimate impact on the future of our Kingdom without having to spend years (and years and years) dedicating your time to fighting, now is your chance! The office is accepting bids. I can't wait to hear of the overwhelming number of LoI's the Crown gets now that I have made this simple connection. :)
Or not, because it's far easier to complain about a perceived problem on the Internet than doing something, which is why that is the hardest office to fill in the Kingdom. :)
That being said, off to Crown. Have a great weekend all.

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