[Artemisia] Winning or Just Not Losing?

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I completely agree!

> On Oct 2, 2015, at 10:40 AM, Susan E. Macnamara <machay at xmission.com> wrote:
> Thanks!
> So here are my thoughts on the issues. Just to be clear, I am not a  
> fighter. These are my opinions with explanations. I'm not trying to  
> sway anyone to them.
> 1. I joined knowing Crown would be decided by combat. I liked the idea  
> in the first place. I wasn't looking for an organization where voting  
> was a way of making decisions.
> 2. The Crowns sit the thrones for 6 months each. I know it is possible  
> for someone to do a lot of damage in that time frame, but it appears  
> to be very rare.
> 3. After their reign, they have to rejoin the populace and be one of  
> us again. They know they will have to live with our opinion of them  
> for a long long time. That in itself typically constrains people.
> 4. Even though the Crowns' decisions, within the constraints of rules  
> and tradition, can make important decision, those decisions impact  
> just one area of my life. I can't lose my job, my bank account, my  
> house, etc. Which isn't very period, actually.
> 5. I've observed one Tourney where clearly the person who won was a  
> "rhino" for that event. I didn't like it, lost respect for that  
> individual, and felt sorry for his consort. He wasn't in my Barony,  
> but heard through the "vine" that people did express their opinions,  
> both verbally and by their choices. That person has never competed  
> again.
> 6. When someone is a rhino and the Chivalry doesn't address it, I lose  
> respect for the Chivalry. Perhaps that doesn't directly impact anyone,  
> but I think it matters to them. Which is why I'm saying it. I don't  
> think I'm alone. So, Chivalry, if you won't respect your own honor, I  
> won't either.
> 7. I propose the populace express their opinions, privately, to one of  
> the Chivalry, so those peers understand we do pay attention. Doesn't  
> mean they have to agree with us, or act on our feedback. But their  
> knowing we are paying attention has a ripple effect. They will  
> naturally begin observing and considering the issue more consistently.
> 8. I am so glad the Aerie is active again! Maybe not everyone will pay  
> attention to us here, but so what. I ignore them on FB. Only one FB  
> site is official. If it isn't up to date, I can give my feedback. I  
> also recognize we are a volunteer organization, so there will be  
> problems with the currency of information. I just try to roll with it.
> 9. I'd appreciate reading the thoughts anyone may have on what I've  
> expressed. I might learn something!
> YIS, Luveday
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>> R&D = Revocation and Denial of Membership.
>> Juliana
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