[Artemisia] Defender Feast Menu & Reservations

Jeanne P / Casamira jeannecas at gmail.com
Tue Feb 28 13:18:53 CST 2017

Defender Feast

Openings: Bread, butter, cheese, sausage, nibbles

Next: Daemon Decopod (Shrimp)

Main course: Roast Beast (Beef and Pork cooked individually so our Kosher
members can eat!)
Seasonal vegetables, Cooked Apples with Bacon and nuts (Plain baked apples
available for our Kosher and nut-allergy members), Flavored Rice

Dessert: Pizzelles stuffed with cream and fresh fruit.

Mint Sekonjebin available at the seconds table for any who wish.
A limited amount of gluten free bread is available, and dessert without
pizzelle are available

If you have a dairy or nut allergy, when you pay for feast, note the
allergy on the clipboard by the Reeve so I have adequate portions available.

so far, only 26 feast reservations have been received. Thank you to all who
have posted on the Loch Salann Website.  You will be well fed!!!

e-mail reservations to me at jeannecas at gmail.com before 10 PM on Friday,
the 3rd of March.

A limited number of extra feasts will be available at the Gate.

Once gone, they are gone!
Jeanne Panlener / Baroness Casamira Jawjalny, O.L., O.P., G.A.
The Pun is mightier than the Sword!

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