[Artemisia] Glory

shilo11 at mail.com shilo11 at mail.com
Mon Dec 22 19:17:22 CST 2003


I believe it is the same event.  If I remember correctly
it was to be reworked and moved from Cheyenne to 
Idaho as a  "war" between Artemisia and Outlands. 

I was just hoping to get confirmation of said event 
so my lord could have some vacation reserved....
I guess time will tell.

An event in Idaho in August would save us from 
running over to Pennsic this year. Yeah, I know 
it wouldn't be the same but....6 hours vs. 28 hours
drive looks very appealing.

Thanks for all your help


> Greetings,
> This may or may not have been a roumor some time ago, i had heard that Glory 
> was no longer.
> Lyon

"Luminous beings are we." - Yoda

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