[Artemisia] Glory

julia.jackman-brink "julia.jackman-brink" at umontana.edu
Mon Dec 22 15:34:33 CST 2003

Lyon Worden wrote:

> Greetings,
> This may or may not have been a roumor some time ago, i had heard that 
> Glory was no longer. It was getting combined with another event 
> somewhere in Idaho. If that info is correct. I would also like to know 
> what the status on the event is. Unless of course we are talking about 
> two different events. In that case disregard my ramblings.

Having just returned from An Tir/Avacal....There is a proposal in An Tir 
for the creation of an event between their Principality of Avacal and 
the upcoming incipient-Principality of the Inlands (They have not yet 
been elevated).  This 'event' is roughy being proposed in August and in 
the vicinity of Northern Idaho.  It is still just a proposal. I do 
suspect Artemisia will be invited to participate in thier event since we 
will be extremely close. This proposal has nothing to do with Glory and 
the Outlands as far as I know.


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